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Please remember that off roading can be a dangerous sport, so please ensure you read and follow the rules in full to ensure you and others around you have a safe and enjoyable visit.


About the site

1. 1. Welcome to a licenced and authorised Off Road Event, Regulated by Statutory Instrument 1371 where participants may ride or drive outside certain current Road Traffic and Road Safety Act Regulations (which now covers all private land where the public are present).

2. This dispensation is granted on conditions of compliance to the following rules and regulations

3. 3. Site opening times are from 10am to 4pm; please ensure you leave the site by the closing time. No new entries to the site will be accepted after 3pm. All driving ends at 3.30pm

4. 4. A speed limit of 5mph is applicable across the whole site and must be adhered to at all times; anyone found to be speeding on site will be removed.

5. 5. Areas roped / marked as ‘OUT OF BOUNDS’ or ‘NO ENTRY’ must not be entered or used; any person ignoring this rule will be removed from site immediately

6. 6. Marshals will be on hand to give any help, advice / guidance or recovery on various aspects of driving or winching on the site, but any liability for any injury to person or damage to vehicles arising out of such advice or guidance is expressly excluded.

7. Decisions made by the Management and or Marshalls are final and is to be respected.

8. No refunds will be offered if a customers visit is cut short for whatever reason

9. Pets (are not encouraged on site) must be kept on a short lead if they are outside the vehicle.

10. Anyone found making new tracks (without Bures Pit Enterprises LLP approval) will be asked to leave site.

11. Noise should be kept to a minimum.

12. No spectators allowed on site. Participants and passengers should stay inside the vehicle unless it is being recovered, or it is considered too dangerous to do so.

13. There are no marked routes, therefore participants and passengers need to be cautious when outside of a vehicle. It is the drivers responsibility not to proceed if spectators are in any position of 5meters of the course.

14. Use of drones on site is prohibited.

Prior to Entry

15. Participants must present their vehicle for inspection to establish its suitability to complete in a challenging Off Highway Event. This is no way warrants the vehicle.

16. On arrival you must notify gate staff if you have not gone off road before. We encourage anyone who has not tried off roading before to have some tuition before driving for the first time; this can be arranged by pre-booking.

17. On entry to site all drivers must have a full UK driving licence and be over the age of 18. All passengers over the age of 18 must have completed and signed the Passenger Signing On Form. Any passenger under the age of 18 must have their Parent or Legal guardian sign the Passenger Under 18 signing on Form. Any passenger found driving without a full UK license for the vehicle will be removed along with the other vehicle occupants.

18. The driver self-certificates at Signing On, under their own free will, that the vehicle and themselves are suitable and appropriate for the level of activity that they intend to participate in.

19. Participants must familiarise themselves with the culture, procedures and techniques of the activity to be attempted. This can be achieved by spectating, reading up on the multiplicity of specialist press covering the activity or talking to other participants or marshals before signing on.

20. 20. Do not try to participate unless you are sure you know what you should be doing to keep yourself and others safe from harm. Read and follow all instructions from Officials

While on site

21. All persons must wear correct fitting seatbelts; no standing in vehicles is permitted

22. Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; anyone considered to be under the influence of drink or drugs will be removed.

23. No alcohol or illegal substances are allowed on site. Anyone found to be carrying these items will be removed from site.

24. All non-participating vehicles must remain in the designated car park (see map – 4 and 8)

25. Refuelling of vehicles must take place in the designated area marked ‘REFUELLING ONLY’ (see map – 6)

26. Trees on site must not be damaged in any way

27. Do not park so you obstruct the route for others; ensure a safe route past is available at all times.

28. If you are not sure whether to drive a route, get out, ensuring your own safety while doing so and have a look first. The golden rule is if in doubt DON’T DO IT! Please check all routes before attempting them.

29. Please stay with your vehicle if you are stuck or broken down, or are inspecting a route.

30. The use of horns/sirens is strictly prohibited unless there is an emergency. In an emergence sound horn continuously until help arrives.

31. If you hear a horn or siren please check the directions of the marshal points where a red flag will be raised. You must stop as soon as it is safe to do so and remain stationary until a green flag is raised.

32. In cases of an accident or injury please contact an official or marshal immediately

33. Any participant is free to withdraw from the activity at any point without penalty, or may seek advice and guidance from the Organisers and their marshals as to a more suitable and less challenging level of activity or course.

34. Participants must recognise that Road Risk Insurance does not extend beyond the point of Signing On at an Off Road Event or an purpose built circuit or track. Any damage to a vehicle caused by themselves or other participants will not be covered on their Road Risk Policy. Participants must therefore make special Damage Insurance or Personal Injury Insurance arrangements or injury caused by their or other participant’s negligence whilst participating in an authorise Off Road Event. If not they must stand any damage or loss not covered by the Organisers Public Liability Insurance. (A list of Insurers is available from the organisers or from the IOPD).

35. Always apply the handbrake, switch off and engage a low gear or park before leaving the driving seat.

36. All who enter agree to be disciplined, inspected, marshalled, segregated and instructed (DIMSI) by the Officials of the Event.

On leaving site

37. All vehicles should be cleaned of excess mud and dirt prior to leaving site

38. Take all litter / rubbish home with you

Vehicle Specifications

39. All vehicles must be mechanically sound to be allowed on site

40. All vehicles must be fitted with an adequate silencer/exhaust system which will pass a noise test if required. Noise levels must not exceed 98dBs at ¾ max revs when measured at 0.5 metres from the exhaust

41. All vehicles must have: A fire extinguisher (securely attached), suitable towrope, tow points front and rear and a first aid kit. Anything inside the vehicle must be securely fastened down.

42. Strictly no quad bike, trikes or motorcycles will be allowed to take part in ‘Pay & Play’ Days


Rules updated 15/10/19